Zionor Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable Mouthpiece One-Way Purge Valve for Pool Open Water


  • Swim Training Snorkels – The swimming snorkel with spout allows smooth airflow and provides healthy amount of oxygen while lap swimming, triathlon and maximize speed by 30%.
  • Comfortable and Firm Pad – Engineered thickened head-pad sits firmly on head delivers comfort and eliminate movement when flip turns and all four strokes.
  • Optimized Mouthpiece – Durable food-grade and odorless material, fits perfect in mouth and keep the snorkel in place, one-way purge help to drain the water entirely during exhale.
  • Fast-swim Oriented – It has a sleek hydrodynamic design which allows swimmers to swim effortlessly with minimal water resistance.
  • Center Mount Design – Front mount features snorkel ensures smooth arm rotation and maintain body alignment and improve stroke efficiency.
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1.Helps to focus on stroke and increase swimming speed and efficiency.

2.Center-mount design for better snrokel posision and relax in water.

3.One-way purge valve made of durable material to clear the water.

4.Food grade mouth-piece minimizes the jaw fatigue.

5.Stablizes and increases the lung capacity and breathing rate.

6.Hydrodynamic design to reduce drag and resistance.

Snorkel tube:

1. Hydrobynamic tube allows more air flow in.

2. Adjustable head bracket for easy and tight fit.

3. Enhanced head padding provides more comfortable wearing.

4. High quality odorless mouthpiece delivers safe breathing.

5. One-way purge valve to clear the excess air and water.

Detachable head bracket:

  • Detachable head bracket is easy to adjust to ideal position based on different head sizes.
  • Front-mount design helps you to focus on stroke and increase the swimming speed and efficiency, perfecet stability at any speed and motions.
  • Thickened head padding for hurt-free swimming experience for lap-swimmer in particular. Reduce distraction when swimming when you barely can feel the snorkels.
  • Easy adjustable strap to fit from teens to adult.

Packing include:

  • 1 x Snorkel

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