ZIONOR G3 Prescription Myopia Swim Swimming Goggles for Adult Men Women and Teenager Youth


  • Hypoallergenic silicone material with big goggle frame gasket provides solid seal and comfortable wearing experience. Substantial and durable swimming goggles for all kinds of swimmers.
  • Shatter-resistance, 100% UV protection and anti-fog features give clear and wide vision under the water. No more irritating when swimming or have fun in the pool or lido.
  • Easy adjustable strap for different head sizes and stay in place, loose-free. Goggle fits well with eye socket without uncomfortable keeping water and chlorine out., Different prescription diopters: -2.0, -2.5, -3.0, -3.5, -4.0, -4.5, -5.0, -6.0, -7.0, -8.0, -9.0, -10.0.



  • Swim goggle Gasket: Silicone
  • Swim goggle Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Swim goggle strap: Silicone


  • Non-toxic eco-friendly silicone material, no allergy.Comfortable for long time wearing.
  • Adjustable head strap for different face shapes, head sizes.
  • Solid anti-fog, shatter-resistance and 100% UV protection dark tinted lens for outdoor swimmer.
  • In-mode construction with high-end material for better protection.
  • Different diopters metrics for different sight condition: -2.0, -2.5, -3.0, -3.5, -4.0, -4.5, -5.0, -6.0, -7.0, -8.0, -9.0, -10.0.
  • Customizable Prescription Goggle: Please leave us message with your diopters on each eyes, goggle frame color based on current standard ZIONOR corrective goggle frame and your order number. Customized goggle may take a few days to produce and there will be no warranty for customized product. The diopters can be chose from the previous point.

Package contains:
1 x ZIONOR G3 Prescription Myopia swimming goggles.


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