ZIONOR Manatee C1 Swimming Caps Premium Silicone Waterproof for Big Head Long Thick Hair with Ear Pockets


  • Eco-friendly premium silicone material keeps water out. No more hassles of chlorine and impurities in water hurting your ears and hair.
  • Designed for medium and long hair.Fit average and large head.Keeps the hair dry during swimming, comfortable wearing the cap with good sealing.
  • Special ear pockets for better wearing experience and whole ergonomic design for inside pool, lido and outdoor water sports. Silicone material to keep your head warm in winter swimming.
  • Easy put on and take off, comfortable fit and stay in place. Flexible and durable silicone with solid fitting. ZIONOR swim cap stay in place on your head without any loose.



  • Highly Elastic.
  • Safety material offers allergy-free, odorless and eco-friendly experience.
  • Superior Silicone Material, comfortable to wear.
  • Easy on and off, lightweight you barely can feel it when swimming.

How to wear a swim cap properly?

  1. Tie back your hair, If you have long hair, use a hair tie to put your hair in a ponytail or bun.
  2. Wet your hair with water for a couple of seconds in bathroom. Wetting your hair makes it easier for the cap material to slide over your hair. Caps tend to stick to and pull dry hair strands.
  3. Open the swim cap with your fingers (make sure not to cut it by your nails, sharp stuff and etc) and pull the swim cap onto your head. Tilt your head down and place the front of the swim cap at your forehead in between your hairline and eyebrows.
  4. Once the swim cap is on your head, make any necessary adjustments. Tuck stray hairs into the cap, reposition the front of the cap so that it covers your hairline but isn’t over your eyebrows.

Package Contains:
1 x ZIONOR C1 Waterproof Premium Silicone Swimming Caps


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