Michael Levi Arnone

Junior Dev

Wow, I bought a pair of these X4's and wasn't really sure what to expect for the price. Just over $50 and I'm extremely impressed with the quality. So impressed, that I actually bought a pair of X6's as well to try out. They are both great quality, fit well with my POC helmet, the lens detaches easily on both. I personally have not used the snowboarding/skiing or in extremely cold weather. However, I have not had them fog in weather around 40 degrees. I mostly use them for Wingsuiting/BASE jumping. I've had them to speeds of easily 140mph and they've stayed put. I would recommend these goggles to anyone looking.

Carol C.

Skins Specialist

After years of flapping about blindly as I swim laps -- I CAN SEE! I can look up and actually see the clock at the pool and know what time it is! Yay! These work so well. I have a big old round face and these fit well, are quite comfortable, and do not leave me with raccoon eyes.. I suspect they might not seal as well on a narrow face. These are very comfortable on me -- much preferable to the smaller style goggles. The mirror coating is very helpful when swimming outdoors on a sunny day. These are fairly leak-free and I haven't yet had any issues with fogging. My only tiny gripe is they somehow seem to slide up on my face as I swim, moving up higher on my cheeks. I generally adjust them after every few laps. Not a huge deal for me. Although I have different correction requirements for each eye, I went with the lower correction level and can see perfectly fine -- perhaps not quite as precisely as with my regular glasses, but good enough for swimming and playing around in the pool.

Michael P. Engel


These goggles are absolutely amazing. The fact that the lens is magnetic and pops off easily is great. The magnets are strong enough to hold the lens in place without coming loose at all as well. Totally worth the $$$$$$$.

Amazon Customer

Wordpress Plugin Dev

These goggles are amazing. We live in Utah where the weather really changes throughout the day. It will go from dark as night to blazing sun, haze, and then start snowing, all before noon. These goggles are great in any and all conditions. They don't fog up, they are comfortable on your face, and make snowboarding so much more enjoyable. (Plus the looks and compliments people give you are great too.) I also love that you can switch out the lens. My husband and I will trade lenses from time to time, and we have a few spares we like to mix it up with also. These really are attention grabbing goggles. Buy them! You won't regret it.

Monique French

Web Developer

I *REALLY* dug these goggles on my last ski trip!! They're sooo big they cover almost all my face, but they allowed me a huge viewing radius and were the hit of the ski club I went with! They never fogged up, despite skiing in clouds, snow, *and* warm sunshine- and they were pretty solid for viewing in all of those conditions, also. I'm *very* pleased with this purchase and would recommend them to anyone!