ZIONOR Lagopus XA Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles


  • Spherical large view design – Panoramic ultra-wide with crystal clear view. More than 180 degree vision provides less visual interference on the slop. See the ditches and trails clearly.
  • Special anti-fog and UV400 coating – Featured with ZIONOR Lagopus anti-fog treatment and 100% UV400 protection, the double layer lenses is going to provide a hassle-free trip no matter you are in Taos or Sugar Bowl. Two-way full perimeter venting system delivers smooth air circulation in high speed and warm or moist condition.
  • Comfortable, safe and wind-proof – Made of high quality multiple layer foams, the padding ensure the cozy wearing. Strong impact-resistance PC made lens and durable frame protect you from any incidents occurred when skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports.
  • Elastic headband – Extra-long adjustable head strap for better helmet compatible, suitable for different winter sports from alpine skiing to off-road motor.
  • Ideal ski goggles for DIYer – ski goggles with detachable lens, strap. Create your favorite goggle set with your favorite frame, lens and strap.


Tech Specs:

– Spherical Lens: Yes
– Frame: thermoplastic polyurethane
– Ventilation: full perimeter channel
– Helmet Compatible: Yes
– Face Size: small to medium
– Recommended Use: skiing/snowboarding
– UV400 Protection Coating: Yes
– Anti-fog Coating: Yes


– Embeddable Myopic Lens
– Double-lens
– Anti-ultraviolet radiation
– Anti-impact
– Anti-fog
– Dual-clip
– Breathable Form Design
– Three layers of Form
– Colorful Lens


– Please do not touch the glass directly as the glass surface may get stained.
– Please do not use cosmetics when wearing the goggle e.g. mascara and lipstick in order to avoid smudging the glass.
– Goggle has good toughness yet please do not bend it too much time as it may create scratch on the frame.
– Please leave the goggle at ventilate place to dispel the sweat.
– Please do not scrub the goggle frequently as it may effect the performance of anti-fog film especially the inner glass.
– Chose a pouch or glass box to prevent incident.

2 reviews for ZIONOR Lagopus XA Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    A. P.

    Lagopus XA goggles are better than I could have expected….comfortable, full coverage with excellent visibility. Zionor customer service is superb. Will buy my next pair of goggles here without hesitation.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Some Supa Hot Goggles

    Hey there! I am a big into snowboarding and go at least once a week during the winter. I have owned 5 pairs of goggles in the past. One pair was Scott, two pairs where Bolle, one was Smith, and the last pair i owned where Dragon. Now the dragon pair i owned were not there nicest pair, but they were still $60.

    I originally bought my Zionor goggles because of how they looked. They had an epic look that the expensive goggles have while still being under $100.

    Up at the mountain where i snowboard it gets shady and foggy sometimes. This makes it really hard to see the bumps in the mountain. I got the blue shade of the goggles, mostly so it would match with my coat. I was expecting it to have a blue shade when you where were looking through them. But it turns out that they have a yellow shade when you are looking through them. This is great when you are going down the mountain because it illuminates everything around you so you don’t have to worry about seeing bumps.

    When you were riding down the mountain with my previous goggles, you could feel a slight breeze getting through your goggles. This was very annoying to me because you would constantly have to be blinking, which makes you very distracted. This has not proved a problem with these goggles. I can ride down the mountain breeze free and get the best experience.

    One of the problems i have had with previous goggles is fog resistant layer wearing off easily. so when you put them on, they start to fog up. I hate it when this happens because you cant enjoy yourself! You are constantly worrying about all of the stuff you cant see. I’ve had my Zionors for 4 months now and they still never fog up. My other goggles started fogging up less than 2 months after i bought them.

    I also love how durable they are! I can fold them completely in half and the lens still don’t break! This will come in handy if you ever run into a tree or something.

    Not only this, but they are just some good looking goggles.

    One of the things that i things that i think they can improve on with these goggles is taking of the lenses. It is very hard to the of the lenses, and even harder to put back on. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get my lenses back in.

    But over all, these are the best goggles i’ve had. they give me good looks, and a great ride. If you have any questions just email me.

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