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ZIONOR Lagopus X2 Big Spherical Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles with Anti-fog Wide Angle Dual Layer Lens


  • Compatible with helmet and face mask
  • Extra-large lens for extra-large viewing, Extra-large frame with dual layer foam top with soft thin fleece
  • UV protection, Mirror coating,Anti-fog lens
  • Detachable and stretchable jacquard strap with optional premium adjustable


SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-blacksilver                        ASIN: B018QTGQ04          Part Number: snow-eu-42-X2-blacksilver
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-greengreen                       ASIN: B018QTGREO          Part Number: snow-eu-42-X2-greengreen
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-blackblue                          ASIN: B018QTGT1A            Part Number: snow-eu-42-X2-blackblue
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-redred                                ASIN: B018QTGRKS           Part Number:  snow-eu-42-X2-redred
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-blackblack                         ASIN: B018QTGSZC           Part Number:  snow-eu-42-X2-blackblack
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-blackgold                           ASIN: B01AFYT1S2             Part Number:  snow-eu-42-X2-blackgold
SKU:snow-eu-42-X2-redred-redblackstrap      ASIN: B01KVAUAU8          Part Number:  snow-eu-42-X2-redred-redblackstrap



  • Out Lens: PC+U
  • Frame: TPU


  • Extra-large Lens
  • Colorful Lens
  • Anti-Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Anti-Impact
  • Anti-Fog
  • Dual-Clip
  • Breathable Form Design
  • Dual Layer Form Top with Soft Thin Fleece
  • Detachable and Stretchable Jacquard Strap


  • Prevent cold stimulation of the eyes
  • Can block the strong winds, snow grains and a variety of light to prevent UV on the eye burns
  • No metal accessories, protective and safer
  • Adjustable elastic band, suitable for a variety of face needs, more humane
  • Skiing, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycle wind protection and other outdoor sports use, wind, anti-UV, anti-dust


  • Please do not touch the glass directly as the glass surface may get stained.
  • Please do not use cosmetics when wearing the goggle e.g. mascara and lipstick in order to avoid smudging the glass.
  • Goggle has good toughness yet please do not bend it too much time as it may create scratch on the frame.
  • Please leave the goggle at ventilate place to dispel the sweat.
  • Please do not scrub the goggle frequently as it may effect the performance of anti-fog film especially the inner glass.
  • Chose a pouch or glass box to prevent incident.


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