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ZIONOR G4 Swim Swimming Goggles for Adult Men Women and Teenager Youth

  • Interchangeable Nose Bridges: These swim goggles come with 3 set nose bridges (S, M, L) suitable for teenager boys and girls to adult men and women with different nose shapes. Provide good fitting and keep water out.
  • Solid Anti-shatter Lens: Made of polycarbonate and anti-fog layer, the swimming goggle gives UV protection, fog resistance, and wide view underwater.
  • Small Frame Streamline Design: Latest swim goggle design with less frame and better fit on eyes with vacuum sealing and reduce water drag for better swimming performance, suitable for lap swimmer and triathlon.
  • Spilt-designed goggle strap: Less pressure on head back with adjustable spilt strap that provide proper fit and tight. To avoid headache and raccoon eyes after get out of swimming pool at its best. Integrated design strap to frame makes the strap unbreakable or fall off during swimming.
  • Anti-fog Tips: Durable fog resistance and waterproof featured, please do not wipe the inner lens to compromise the anti-fog layer. The fog-prove layer will eventually become less effective, no need to purchase expensive anti-fog sprayer, make yourself with about 25% baby shampoo and 75% water. Spray this on once a week and don’t worry about fogging up!


ZIONOR G4 series swimming goggles are made of high quality latex-free, non-toxic and odorless silicone material. Featured with Anti-fog, shock-resistant, 100% UV protection and a durable nose bridge.


  • Swim goggle frame: Allergy-free silicone.
  • Swim goggle Lens: PC
  • Swim goggle strap: Silicone
  • Swim goggle nose bridges: PU


  • Non-toxic eco-friendly silicone material, no allergy.Comfortable for long time wearing.
  • Adjustable head strap and interchangeable nose bridges for swimmer with different ages and face shapes.
  • Durable watertight sealing, UV protection and strong anti-fog.
  • Clear/Mirror lens coating for swimming at different places.
  • Stylish design with super wide and clear view. Suitable for triathlons, open water, lap swimmer, jet ski and other outdoor recreation.

How to replace nose bridges on ZIONOR G4 swim goggles?
The nose bridge attached with the lenses by four little “feet”, thus you need to remove them one by one.

  1. Pull out one “foot” from the hole, say bottom one on the right lens.
  2. Twist the right lens and nose bridge in opposite way a little bit and pull out the other “foot” on the right.
  3. Do the same thing on the left.
  4. Install the nose bridges from one side to the other. Make sure four “feet” stand in the holes correctly.

Package contains:
1 x ZIONOR G4 swimming goggles.
3 x Changeable swim goggles nose bridges. (S, M, L)


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